I’d like to tell you about one of the earliest residents placed with Hannah Grace Homes. 

Jasmine* has seen the inside of a juvenile detention center—a place no parent reading this would ever want to see his or her child. Jasmine travelled a very rough road through childhood. She’s faced a number of adversities, including the fact that she was sexually molested by those who should have loved her.

After dealing with trials most people will never face, she’s come to a place in her life where she’s struggling desperately to find her way in the world.

It can be a difficult challenge to minister to girls like Jasmine in an effective way. But at Hannah Grace Homes, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has called us to minister to people just like her—those who are hurting and struggling. And now that she’s with us, her burden is our burden, and we desperately want to help her find her way.

Our goal is to see God do a work of absolute transformation in Jasmine’s life. Please pray with us that, as we show her the right kind of love and create for her an environment in which she can thrive, she’ll eventually become a model for what a changed life can look like.

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