The boys and girls in our care have bounced among foster homes and institutions, and their wounds run deep. Boys with broken spirits and broken-hearted girls need the deep healing that only comes through the love of Jesus Christ. 

You can help show them that love when you partner with Hannah Grace Homes. 

These abused and neglected children have been failed or betrayed by the adults in their lives. Hannah Grace Homes is their last chance for most of them to avoid a painful life filled with more abuse, addiction, incarceration, being trafficked, or even early death. 

Our beautiful 170-acre campus houses more than two dozen young people at any given time. Our staff cares deeply for these children in crisis—often making personal sacrifices to give them a chance at life. 

Your investment helps provide the level of care needed to stand lovingly firm in the face of extreme defense mechanisms these children developed—just to survive the neglect and abuse by their parents and the harsh realities of the foster care system. 

Keep checking back to this space as we announce the next phase of skilled care, education programs, and critical improvements to the grounds and programs. 

God has graciously provided for the care of these children through friends like you who have partnered with Hannah Grace Homes to get us this far. 

Thank you for your prayers as, together, you and I seek the Lord’s mercy for the least of these!

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