What kind of man tries to murder his two-year old son? The kind of man Hannah Grace Homes exists to help children heal from. 

According to several news outlets, including the Jackson Citizen Patriot(JCP), thirty-two year old, Michael Christopher Glance, allegedly shot his two-year-old son in the midst of an argument with his son’s mother, Nicole McCarthy. Ryker Glance survived a shotgun blast reportedly fired by his father at his face and arm. Young Ryker was strapped in his car seat as Nicole attempted to rescue her son and escape her abusive husband. Prosecutors say Nicole rescued her son after Michael Glance first tried to shoot his toddler son in the head with a pistol that, by God’s grace, malfunctioned. 

Ryker remains in critical condition at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, after “multiple life-saving and reconstructive surgeries” according to the JCP. 

Michael Glance allegedly attempted to shoot his wife as she fled. He is in custody, facing multiple charges, including “assault with intent to murder.” Bond is set at $10 million. 

Please join us in thanking God for saving young Ryker and his mother from this ordeal. When you partner with Hannah Grace Homes, you care directly for children who come from circumstances like Ryker’s. Thank you for showing them they have a Good Father who loves them in the God of the Universe.

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