The days counting down until the doors open at Hannah Grace Homes and the first residents are welcomed into their new home.

The first residential building at the Florida location is nearly ready, in hopes of an opening sometime in May 2018. At the South Carolina site, the goal is to be up and running in the summer, hopefully in July. At each site, a second house is on the agenda for future months.

At both locations, there is still plenty of work going on, with renovations and improvements on the physical facilities as well as the standard bureaucratic hurdles such as licensing and permitting. As anyone who’s tackled a project with those two facets will attest, both will typically take longer to complete than originally anticipated.

It’s likely that there will be a sizeable number of girls in residence within weeks after availability becomes official, after the state license is obtained, and the appropriate local foster care placement agency knows that they are open for business. That means 8-10 girls in Florida and 14 or so in South Carolina could be moving in within the first few months.

Each group will have a set of two house parents living with them at all times. Two sets of house parents have been hired in Florida.

Eventually there will be three buildings to house Florida residents and two in South Carolina. Once those are ready, total capacity will be about 30 in Florida and 45 in South Carolina.

Work is expected to continue without interruption until completion, but there are financial needs to be met along the way. You can play a vital role in turning these plans into reality.

Also, while we will receive some funding from state agencies according to how many girls are in residence, it is far below what is required financially to operate.

Visit the HOW YOU CAN HELP page on this website for more information on how you can have a part in this work.

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