Hannah Grace Homes was founded in 2017 as a safe haven for neglected and abused girls. Our goal is to function as a nontraditional group home with each residence housing 8-10 girls as well as two sets of house parents who reside on a rotating basis. Many group homes shelter dozens of children in a barracks-type arrangement, but we want to provide an atmosphere that is as close to an actual home as possible.

HGH will operate in Florida and South Carolina as a licensed residential foster care program. Its facilities will house girls primarily in the 8-17 age range, with the exception of younger siblings when it is feasible to keep them together.

Prospective residents will come mainly from typical foster care situations, either when a child is initially removed from her family home or after a foster home situation that is not working. Each location will work with the community-based agency authorized under state guidelines to facilitate such placements.

Girls who come to Hannah Grace Homes will be screened and only accepted after they are determined not to be a danger to themselves or others. HGH is specifically equipped to care for residents who have been rescued from violence, neglect and abuse.

Most of the girls living in each location will be from the immediate area, although placement from anywhere in the state is possible.

While meeting the physical needs of its residents, Hannah Grace Homes will operate from a biblical worldview and give guidance to impact their girls’ spiritual lives as well—demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by providing a safe, secure, and loving environment that leads to restoration for young people in desperate need.

A spiritual formation program for each girl will be overseen by HGH’s own chaplain and will consist of devotional times, small group gatherings, and larger group activities as well as church attendance.

These activities will not be forced on them (they can opt out), but the desire is to show God’s love to them by emphasizing who God is, what He did for them, how He sees them, and what they mean to Him.

Each new resident’s religious background and knowledge will be taken into account so that spiritual progress can be tracked individually. The goal is for every girl who comes to HGH to understand that she is loved and has a place to belong in Christ.

Your support is crucial to our success. Visit the HOW YOU CAN HELP page on this website for information on how you can have a part in this work.

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