Katie's Story

Katie was the first young lady officially placed with Hannah Grace Homes in Florida. If any girl’s story reflects what we want to be about, it’s hers. Her mother abused drugs for many years, to the extent that some of her eight brothers and sisters were born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Because of the instability in her home, Katie was forced to grow up quickly and become a mother of sorts to her ...

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Where We’re Headed

Things are moving quickly for Hannah Grace homes in Florida, and as we get up and running, we’re also gearing up for the long term. One of our homes is complete...

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One Girl’s Story

I’d like to tell you about one of the newest residents to be placed with Hannah Grace Homes. Jasmine has seen the inside of a juvenile detention center—a place ...

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What I’ve Learned

I’ve been in pastoral ministry for three decades. The things I’ve seen in that time would fill the pages of several books. Every church I’ve been involved in du...

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